Sl.No. Identified thrust areas
1. Development capabilities of rural youth and women in the field of fruits and vegetables processing and value addition.
2. Conduct an awareness programme on sanitation and hygiene.
3. Development capabilities of rural youth and women in the field of handicrafts.

Significant achievement :


Results of On Farm Trials

Crop/ enterprise Problem Diagnosed Title of OFT Parameters of assessment Data on the parameter Feedback from the farmer
1 2 3 4 5 6
Wild apple candy Under Exploitation Processing of Wild Apple for Candy preparation Organoleptical test for taste,flavor, sweetness, colour, sourness and texture. For a period of 12 months from the date of manufacture. Average score for the following test The farmers are interested to adopt this technology as it enables them to generate their income and prevent wastage of fruits.
Score 1-6

1- Unacceptable

2- Slightly acceptable

3- Fair

4- Good

5- Very good

6- Excellent

1)Taste = 5.4

2)Flavor = 5.1


4)Colour = 5.0

5)Texture = 5

FLD conducted 2008-2009

Farm Implements

Name of the implement crop No. of farmers Performance parameters / indicators Data on parameter in relation to technology demonstrated % change in the parameter Remarks
Demon. Local check
Maize sheller Maize 3 Shelling capacity 22.83Kg/hr 2.35Kg/hr 871.5% Shelling capacity is higher with maize sheller,and farmer are started